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To create your account, you must begin or complete the Register to Vote process or to request your Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot. You will find these options on our home page.

At the end of data entry or at any time during the registration or ballot creation process, you can choose the "Save or Stop" button and you will be given an opportunity to save your information by creating a Voter Account.

If you do choose to create a Voter Account, you will be prompted to create login credentials and your data will be saved for your future use.

If you proceed through the registration/ballot request or write-in ballot creation process to the end, you can download your form and then choose to save your information in My Voter Account.

Note: highly confidential data such as personal identification and complete birthdate will NOT be saved even in your very own Voter Account as an extra security measure. When reprinting a form through the My Voter Account service, you will be asked to re-enter this information.

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